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We are a textile company with our headquarters located in Cologne, Germany. Intending to offer durable, eco-friendly, high-quality, unisex, stylish and unique clothing products, we have been operating since 2020. Our products are geared towards environmentally conscious consumers who want to use more sustainable clothing products in order to reduce their carbon footprints. For our dear customers, we produce marvelous collections that are designed to satisfy this desire.

We offer our customers long-lasting, stylish, and unique collections using surplus fabrics such as upholstery, sofa fabrics and waste sweaters that we collect from large manufacturers.

Without the use of large-scale manufacturing methods carried out in a factory, our collections are diligently handcrafted by our skilled workforce. For producing the fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories that we offer, we collect materials from many parts of the world and manufacture the products in our workshops located in Istanbul and Porto. 

In Watt's collections you can find upcycled, handmade, unique, unisex and environmentally friendly clothing and accessory options, such as Aztec, bomber jackets, vintage waistcoats and vintage bags. Along with being wonderful examples of sustainable clothing, Watt products can offer comfort, quality, durability, style and timelessness; all at the same time!

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We are proud to present to you our timeless designed unisex collections woven with ethnic and cultural details.

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