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Considering that the fashion industry accounts for approximately 10% of the world's total carbon emissions, it is clear how important sustainability is in the textile industry. If we are to leave our wonderful planet clean to our future generations, we must stop damaging it with unsustainable practices in textile production...

As the Watt family, we started in 2020 with the aim of offering fashionable handmade clothes to our customers who want to be stylish and environmentally friendly. We aim to increase our sustainable product collection with our unique, unisex and stylish handmade collections transformed from surplus fabrics.

Why Sustainability is Important

Sustainability is important in terms of protecting our planet from environmental damage and conserving natural resources such as water, air, production materials and energy.

If we develop an understanding of sustainable production, we can reduce environmental waste and pollution, thus fulfilling our responsibility towards future generations of our planet. Also, we can protect the habitats of plants and animals by reducing excessive consumption.

As the Watt family, we believe that sustainable companies should have a vision regarding economy, environment and social awareness. In this regard, we want to contribute to the preservation of our planet by recycling fabric and similar leftover materials, thus reducing waste harmful to the environment.

We are starting to work to increase social awareness regarding the use of renewable energy resources. We also contribute to creating a more livable world by supporting environmental organizations and raising environmental awareness among more people. 

Enjoy Better Sustainability with Upcycled Materials

At Watt, we manufacture our handmade collections mainly from leftover, upholstery fabrics, waste sweaters, and other upcycled materials. Using material that would be thrown away, we strive to put together high-quality fashion products for you in a sustainable manner.

Another way we offer sustainability with our products is through our manufacturing method, which doesn't involve a large mass manufacturing facility. Watt's products are carefully handmade one-by-one by skilled workers, in order to offer 100% organic products and to reach our zero-waste goal. Moreover, each of these handmade pieces of clothing have a unique character due to this production process.

Our high-quality products can be used for a long time, allowing efficient usage of materials over time. With the durability of our products, our goal is to minimize environmental impact and reduce excessive consumption.

We prefer renewable textile products such as cotton, fiber, polyester and bamboo, which can also offer comfort. Basically, Watt's unique handmade collections are not only eco-friendly but also comfy, durable, stylish and timeless...

Let's Build a Better Future for Our Planet Together!

With the products we manufacture and sell, we aim to achieve a win-win deal with our customers, as well as our planet.

As our products have been handcrafted and each of them is made with hours of craftsmanship, they are highly comfortable and unique. So you can enjoy a wonderful quality with our products. Beyond that, you can also protect the environment with Watt!

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